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Lorins Patis Flavor 350mL PET bottle

Compare 23.25

Lorins Patis Flavor with Chili 350mL PET bottle

Compare 27.80

Lorins Patis Puro 800mL

Compare 95.20

Lorins Patis Flavor 1 Liter

Compare 64.40

Lorins Patis Puro 310mL

Compare 47.90

Lorins Budget Pack (Vinegar, Fish Sauce and Soy Sauce)

Compare 56.73

Lorins 7+1 (Patis Flavor Tipid Pouch)

Compare 473.34

Lorins Twin Pack (1000ml x2)

Compare 122.40

Lorins Value Pack (Soy Sauce & Vinegar with free Patis pouch)

Compare 89.95
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